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Moving Items and 301 Redirects

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Moving Items and 301 Redirects
We're wanting to do organize our articles structures better. Currently we have a single install that is broken down into two main categories with their own subcategories:

Safety and News

We've got a problem where over the years items have been posted in one that should exist in the other. So our intent is to now categorize them correctly. Unfortunately many of these articles are over a decade old and have numerous backlinks to them from all over the net. We want to ensure that we don't lose that link juice.

We did some testing and what seems to occur now is when you move an article (For example, from Safety to News) - is that the URL for the old link will remain the same and not 404, while at the same time, the article is moved to the other category.

This then leaves the link juice flowing to the now unused URL, while the new link is essentially starting from scratch and not linked to.

While it is present in other CMSs, I was wondering if there is a way to ensure that one is able to easily move items between categories without destroying the SEO strength the item has? Ideally the old URL would redirect to the new URL.

Would we need to go about setting up manual redirects for each article we move? Or is there an easier solution to this?

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Re: [meso] Moving Items and 301 Redirects In reply to

You should really just setup 301 redirects for whatever links you move... i.e:

Redirect 301 /old_path/foo-1234.html http://www.site.com/new/folder/path-1234.html

Unfortunately, its a case of manually doing that for any you move

Hope that helps


Andy (mod)
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