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Moved To A Dedicated Server Glinks Not Working

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Moved To A Dedicated Server Glinks Not Working

I recently purchased a dedicated server and moved files to the new server and now I am unable to login to the admin, none of the cgi works etc.. I had this problem at one other time and the hosting company actually went in and set the permissions for files and it worked. However, that hosting company knew the glinks system and knew just what to do. Unfortunately this new host has no idea what glinks is and is leaving it up to me. Can someone tell me what files I may need to set permissions on in order to get glinks working correctly?

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Re: [randyz] Moved To A Dedicated Server Glinks Not Working In reply to

I guess this should be not only by files permission but also the path to admin(two lines use lib '...' and Links::init('...') in each cgi files. For changing permission, you can just change all cgi file to 755. You also have to edit each cgi file to change these two lines.

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