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Missing Kids/Amber Alert/Emergency site ?

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Missing Kids/Amber Alert/Emergency site ?
Is anyone running a "Missing Kids/Amber Alert/Emergency" type site under Links SQL / GL3?

After what we went through, I am trying to come up with a way to set up http://ourmissingkids.com as a first-responder type site. I know what we went through trying to get any help from the press or media (none). They were more interested in the "death" and "destruction" that day, than in trying to save a child's life. BBYM: had something happened to her, they'd have been camped out on our doorsteps. Vultures.

The biggest help came from our own mailing lists, and by the time we started putting up posters, people (customers in stores, on the street, etc) had already seen the poster from our mailing and word of mouth, and it was within 1-2 hours! That is faster than waiting for the 11:00 news.

Because kids (and abductors) can cross state lines, and travel quite far quickly, it' doesn't hurt to have people looking out for the kids along the way. Or in areas that children may head for -- california, florida, etc.

I'm looking at something where people (neighborhood watches, etc) can subscribe for notifications of new postings, and people who have a missing child can post the notice in the first few hours, and have it "out there" before anyone else wants to (or can) get involved. The idea is to "be there" in the first 24-48 hours, then remove any posters or postings that have not been updated within that time. After that, most of the other missing kids/etc sites have started to pick up the process -- and if they haven't (and *believe me* there are many cases where people can't get help) by remaining involved with their post, a person/family can keep the search alive beyond that 48 hours.

If you run this sort of site, I'd like to see what you are doing with it.

If you've never been there, you don't know how it feels to know that at least *someone* is doing something, not just sitting there, or ignoring you.

We are working on something for families with behaviorally challenged kids, for lack of a better word, since there is such a B*S* veil of silence over it, everyone feels they are alone, until an off-chance remark in a supermarket or at the park, brings you in contact with someone else going through the same thing.

In addition to releasing some new plugins, and the UltraWidgets Toolbox for managing the smaller code snippets and fragments, we've been working on several health-related networks, and support systems. We'll be rolling them out over time, no release dates for most of it, but the plugins have mostly been finished and packaged, and many of those will be out by the time the holiday season really hits by the end of next month.


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