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Minor bug in LSQL 2.12

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Minor bug in LSQL 2.12
If I create a new category called PLaces, and then try to correct it to Places, I get an error message warning me that a category of this name already exists. Presumably this is because the editor isn't case-sensitive and thus sees the new string as identical to the old one.

The workaround is of course to rename the category to something else first, but it seems a bit of a kludge.

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Re: [RobSchifreen] Minor bug in LSQL 2.12 In reply to
from what I understand, that's sort of right. before renaming the category name, the editor checks that the category name requested does not already exist. The problem, however, is that CHAR and VARCHAR columns in MySQL are not case sensitive by default, so it thinks "PLaces" is the same as "Places".

Go into mySQLMan and alter the column properties to make it "binary".

That "should" do it.

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Re: [RobSchifreen] Minor bug in LSQL 2.12 In reply to
Rename it to "Places 1"
then again to "Places"

That's better than altering the database structure.

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