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Minor Bug in build_title_linked (Build.pm)

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Minor Bug in build_title_linked (Build.pm)

My "Top" or "Home" link in build_title_linked keeps getting linked to http://www.XXXX.com/page.cgi?g=index.html. This generates an error when using Dynamic pages (due to the g=index.html part of the link. There is NO CATEGORY called index.html or NULL)

The line in build.pm that writes this:

$output = qq| <a href="$CFG->{build_root_url}/$CFG->{build_index}">$top</a: |;

I Made it work by changing to:

$output = qq| <a href="$CFG->{build_root_url}">$top</a: |;

I have not yet built the pages, so I do NOT know how this affects static pages...


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Re: Minor Bug in build_title_linked (Build.pm) In reply to

Fixed this one!



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