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Migration problem

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Migration problem
I recently had to migrate to a new server. I'm pretty sure I have permissions correct on everything. Now whenever I try to login from the user side (admin area is fine) Links is failing.

The directory is browsable like normal. The failure occurs when I try to login.

The debug message is...

Links (5763): Links::environment called at /path/to/admin/Links.pm line 431 with no arguments.
Links (5763): Links::fatal called at user.cgi line 23 with arguments
    (Undefined subroutine &main::init_user called at user.cgi line 23.

Any ideas? Help appreciated.
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Re: [cameason] Migration problem In reply to

I hadn't touched any files. I just uploaded them.

The Links::init_user(); line in user.cgi had changed to ::init_user();

Somehow the Links had been erased. weird weird weird but problem solved.