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Map reference field

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Map reference field
I want to add an icon which when clicked opens a map from a third party site to show directions how easy would it be to have a default icon on each entry - and a custom html code for each entry - this would be an Admin add.

What I need to do is have an icon by default and the URL added by admin to the third party page .... column add allows default text but I can see no where to place an icon.

Sadly I am not a programmer


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balita: Jun 30, 2002, 5:47 AM
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Re: [balita] Map reference field In reply to
I would recommend the following;

1) Simply add a column called isMap (ENUM, 'Yes,No', Default No, Not Null).
2) Then add globals for your IMAGE/ICONS (both for detault and the "live" linkable image to go to the map). You could call the globals as the following:


The global specification should include the full relative path to the icons and icon filename/extension.

You could also add a global for the map URL, however, you'd probably have to add a hook to pull the other field names, like City, State, Zip.

3) Then edit your link.html to include the following tags/codes:


<%is isMap%>
<a href="<%MapURL%>"><%MapIcon%></a>
<%ifnot isMap%>
<a href="<%NonLinkedMapURL%>"><%DefaultIcon%></a>

NOW, if you want to have a custom map for each record, then you'd have to use the file upload feature...which I think in latest releases can be an admin only process.
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Stealth: Jun 30, 2002, 10:13 AM