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Manipulating Records

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Manipulating Records
What’s the best way to set up tables so that you can manipulate data embedded in the links sql records?

For example, say if I had a business report, with a table in it, and I want to make a chart from table using GD:Graph. Sure, I could add another field for the spreadsheet. But then this would necessitate adding a new field for every new spreadsheet, which isn't really efficient, as I also want to manipulate other things in the data, and add such things as images in arbitary positions from sql fields.

I was thinking about dumping all of the main data in a single field (like the business report, charts or whatever stuff goes in there) and then using xml to manipulate it and pull it out, or at least parse it. Is this viable, and if so, how would you recommend approaching it?

Other possibilities include adding a new table called called/for "subsections", a child table. Then, when I click a record/link, this pulls up all the subsections that comprise that record/link.


LINK ID#221 - Business Report

Subsections table

ParentLink #221
Data: Table in usable GD:Graph format, that can also be converted into a table.

ParentLink #221
Data: Business article or whatever.

ParentLink #221
Data: Binary Image of Company Chief / bunny rabbit / Chilean Llama Farmer.

Anyone have any ideas on which is the best option or how to approach this? :)

Any advice would be very much appreciated, as my programming is lame.

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