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Loop in new.html doesn't work

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Loop in new.html doesn't work
Hi, I'd really appreciate some help here.

If I put <%link_results%> in my new.html template, I get a list of dates and new links. Fine.

However I want to use a loop so that I can access the list of dates, URLs, link titles and descriptions individually.

I've tried <%loop link_results_loop%> and <%loop link_results%>, and within the loop I've tried displaying <%date%> and <%URL%>, but no output gets produced.

I've tried <%include link.html%> within the loop, but still nothing. I've also seen mention in this forum of <%include link_new.html%>, but there's no such file on my server.

I've even tried a separate <%loop links%> loop within the link_results loop, but still I don't get anything produced.

Some assistance would be very much appreciated,



PS: This is with LSQL 2.1
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Re: [RobSchifreen] Loop in new.html doesn't work In reply to
Try this;

<%if links_results_loop%>
<%loop links_results_loop%>
<%Title%> - <%Description%> - <%Hits%>

That should do it.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Loop in new.html doesn't work In reply to
Thanks - I'll give it a go!.