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Logon cooke/expire issue

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Logon cooke/expire issue

When the user is logged in, and comes back, the session has expired, but it doesn't seem to always prompt to log back in. For instance, I've been logged in for over 9hours, with a 3 hour cookie. It verifies that I'm still me, but doesn't prompt to log back in.

Is this the default behaviour?

I would figure that if a session expires, you'd have to re-verify yourself somehow, since the session is the other half of the process?

Am I reading this wrong??

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Yes, it's a performance tradeoff. Old sessions only get cleared out when users log in. So if you are just using one user, then that session won't expire. I may alter this a little bit later, and also may move sessions into the database instead of file based to address this.



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