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How about a list all links feature...

Can be done via a search query?
Or via a plug-in?

What do you think.

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Not hard....


FROM Links

probably best to create a plugin...so that it will work with all updated versions...basically, the above codes need to be translated into the plugin system.

Although it would be best to also add in span codes, so that people's browsers will not time out and that you will not use excessive CPU to process the query....


Eliot Lee
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Re: List All In reply to
check my letter bar mod. IT allows displaying the links in first-character order, and has the basics for what you want to do. It's available from the download plug in menu. You can easily modify this to do almost anything.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
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Re: List All In reply to
Has this been done? I was trying (for my first contribution) a list all catagory generator. So you could have a page (or multiple) of all of the available catagories? Thoughts?

Also possibly. A graphical catagory lister.

Any lastly ( I think this is for Alex & crew) The browse works nicely, if only we could have an expand all function so we can expand everything at once instead of one cat at a time.

Howard J. Brubaker