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Links Showing up in Wrong Categories

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Links Showing up in Wrong Categories

For some reason some of my links keep showing up in the wrong categories. I've sync'ed the db, I've repaired the tables, I've done all of that ad nauseam.

I see this happen most frequently when I have a lot of links to validate - say 20 - select to validate 10 of them, hit the validate links button (this leaves 10 un-validated links).

When I look at the ones that are not validated again I can clearly see that their category has been changed. I can normally fix this by sync'ing the db again...sometimes I forget and the links end up at the wrong place. I still have v 2.0.0.

Any advice? What's happening here?

Safe swoops
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Re: Links Showing up in Wrong Categories In reply to

This was a bug that got fixed in 2.0.1. After validating a set of links, don't validate again right away, instead press Validate again and redraw the screen. Otherwise you will put links in the wrong category.

If you are thinking of updating, hold on, as we will be releasing 2.0.3 tonight or tommorrow.



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