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Links SQL 3.0.4 Repair Tables Issue

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Links SQL 3.0.4 Repair Tables Issue

Rebuild Search and Repair Table category counts are not insync with each other.

(Repair Table)
Building HTML Pages: Repairing tables.
Gossamer Links is now ensuring that your category counts are correct.
Started at Sat Jul 16 06:54:12 2005.
Checking category stats...
Category Adult should have 104330/8 total/direct links, but is set to 104086/-43, repairing...

The database also hangs while trying to repair. I don't recall having this problem in 3.0.1

(Rebuild Search)
Started at Sat Jul 16 07:13:20 2005.
Indexing Links Database ... 34880 links.
Reindexing Category Database ... 4175 categories.
All Done (0.22 s)

Note: There are currently only 34,880 links with 4,175 categories in the database, however the repair table options is calculating over 100,000 links.

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