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Links SQL 2.0 building error.

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Links SQL 2.0 building error.
I always get the following error message when I try to build te database. Do anybody have an idea about how to fix this error?

Building Home Page ...
Links SQL: $TPL was imported by Links, but is no longer used at /home/sites/site3/web/cgi-bin/sy/admin/Links.pm line 50.
GT::Date - can't handle date: 0 at /home/sites/site3/web/cgi-bin/sy/admin/GT/Date.pm line 535.
Done (0.00 s)

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Links SQL 2.0 building error. In reply to
This error has already been mentioned and addressed in this forum...search for $TPL was imported by Links either as a PHRASE or AND search options via the forum's search form.


Eliot Lee Wink