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Links SQL 2.0 build error.

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Links SQL 2.0 build error.
We have LinksSQL 2.0 and it works very well. However, We have a problem with with it when we use build function. We always have the follolwing error message:
Building Home Page ...
Links SQL: $TPL was imported by Links, but is no longer used at /home/sites/site3/web/cgi-bin/sy/admin/Links.pm line 50.
GT::Date - can't handle date: 0 at /home/sites/site3/web/cgi-bin/sy/admin/GT/Date.pm line 535.
Done (1.00 s)
Could you please help in fixing this problem.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: Links SQL 2.0 build error. In reply to
Run a "Repair Tables" from Admin/Database.

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