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Links SQL 2.0 Dmoz Import

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Links SQL 2.0 Dmoz Import
My importation of the dmoz .rdf dump is STILL running, started on Feb 14th and only 1/2 complete for the entire import.

This is insane, almost an entier month of 24 hour import, no stopages and it's still not done. I've asked and asked but seem to have gotten nowhere.

The machine is a 400MHZ PII, 128MB Ram and zero load other than a minimal web server. The database is located on a second machine, 5 feet away. Import is from machine 1 to machine 2 and not sure if this could be the issue.

Running the latest version (since 14th of Feb).

What the heck is going on?

lisco 14698 91.1 17.2 39192 33340 ? RN Feb14 33521:30 perl ./nph-import