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Links SQL :: Feature Suggestions

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Links SQL :: Feature Suggestions
I am pretty baffeled and am still having hard time trying to figure out that.. how is it possible that Links SQL being the best directory management scripts and lacks few very simple/basic features that are included in scripts like indexU and in-link.

1) User Profile & Account Management
Ability for end user to login and create their own profile, add/edit/remove bookmarks, see their listings, choose the type of theme/template for their view.. etc

2) Sort Listings
Ability to sort listing output by end users, based-on date, downloads, title.. etc

3) Category Permissions
Ability to make certain categories invisable (for time being) or limit access to certain group of users only.

4) Category Count
One click count of Categories.


I would personally have to give it to Alex, Jack and to the rest of the team that they have created a top of the line software that miles ahead of any other their competitor. However I still feel, addition of these and more features would make Links SQL only a better product and more loved by its users.

Again thank you.

Vishal Thakkar


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Re: [NeedScripts.Com] Links SQL :: Feature Suggestions In reply to
These are all features that have been requested many times :)

There are plugins to get around some of them, and that is part of the plugin philosophy. If something is needed, it can be created on a time-line that is not GT's.

There was a user monitor/profile/editor set of plugins that addressed a lot of the issues you mentioned.

As for the categories, it requires a change to core code, and I'm not sure it would be too hard -- just remove the "invisible" categories from the returned search list before it's passed on. I've wanted this since day 1. I used to run BBS's and there was always a holding area, private areas, and such. I know I talked with Alex about 2+ years ago about using flags to mask permissions and such, but it's not an "easy" thing to implement.

I've got about 2 dozen things on my plate, and I really need to find some local programmers to help get some finished, and others worked on. There just isn't enough of me to go around to all the things I have to do -- and some of these things I really need as well.

I just thought I'd post that these are not things that have not been considered, and things which Alex is not aware of being "high demand." It just is time and they have so many other projects.

It would be cool if they could pull all their projects and features into one big package :) Parts of GForum, GMail and Links SQL all in one package.

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Re: [pugdog] Links SQL :: Feature Suggestions In reply to
Hi Pugdog,

Thanks for the reply and I do understand about the work load that GT team would be having, however this post was in a way just re-remind them about the some of the wonderful features that end users would love to have.

In addition, I assume, my main need for having a User Profile & Account Management feature is what kind of making me write this post..

But I guess I can only hope that GT team or someone with good programming skills will comeup with something that can be used by Links SQL users.

Vishal Thakkar

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Re: [NeedScripts.Com] Links SQL :: Feature Suggestions In reply to
Although Ian isn't supporting his UserMonitor plugin - I think that this covers most of what you want. (Apart from the bookmarks which I think Andy has a plugin for).
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Re: [afinlr] Links SQL :: Feature Suggestions In reply to
>>>(Apart from the bookmarks which I think Andy has a plugin for). <<<

Yup.. MyFaves does this. Vishal already owns it though Smile


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Links SQL :: Feature Suggestions In reply to
Here is another feature that might be good :

Merge 2 Links SQL DB
Ability to Merge 2 Links SQL DB would be like a dream come true. Or atleast a detailed help file somewhere, should be do the trick for now.

Vishal Thakkar