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Links Custom Template

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Links Custom Template

First off, great program. Was using hacked up version of phpLinks, but this is much better. Has everything I want so far.

Question: I understand how to create custom category templates, but they all present the same format for the links. Looks like <%links%> in the category template point to link.html. I'm looking to customize the link layout for certain categories.

How do I get <%links%> in category_new.html to point to link_new.html?
Is it difficult? Would it be easier to copy link_new.html into category_new.html?

hope this makes sense. thanks.
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Re: [pshadow] Links Custom Template In reply to
When defining the template, you can assign a new category.html template set for this category. What I would suggest doing, is making a new category.html, say call it cat_new.html, and within that, change the call to <%links%>, and replace it with something like;

<%loop links_loop%>
<%include new_link.html%>

.. with new_link.html being the modified version of link.html.

So in short, you need 2 new templates. ... new_link.html and cat_new.html.

Hope that helps :)


Andy (mod)
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