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LinksSQL 2.2: form-based email from user: help requested

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LinksSQL 2.2: form-based email from user: help requested
Hello all.

I am posting as a relative novice user of LinksSQL 2.2. I would appreciate some pointers to a solution for displaying a form to the user and having the contents of that form go to the admin via email.

To take a specific example, I have a "report broken links" link on my site. When the user clicks this link, I want to display a form whose fields ask for the name and url of the broken link, the user's email, and any remarks. Submitting the form should do basic checking for required fields, compose and send an email to the LinksSQL admin with the information on the form, and display an acknowledgement to the user (or display an error message about missing required fields etc.).

I need do similar things for links like "Suggest a category", "Suggest your site", "Contact us" and so on. So what I am ideally looking for is a generic form template, and generic backend email procesing functions that can be customized for each of these functions.

I know that built-in form templates and processing functions exist in LinksSQL 2.2 for operations like subscribe/unsubscribe to newsletter, etc. But I didn't find any templates or functions that do what I need. So, what I am wondering is, do I need to write and integrate my own custom extensions to LinksSQL 2.2 to do what I need, or have I just failed to look for my answers in the right place? Or maybe Glinks 3.0 has the answer to my needs? What have I missed?

I would appreciate any help from the gurus.

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Re: [bzbody] LinksSQL 2.2: form-based email from user: help requested In reply to

Something like this?



It will pretty much do what you want out of the box.

1) Install it
2) Edit contact_form.html, so that it looks like;

<%if type eq "advertising"%>
.. advertising form here
<%elseif type eq "suggest_category"%>
.. suggest category form here
<%elseif type eq "something_else"%>
... other options here
.. normal field options

3) Call it with: contact.cgi?type=suggest_category, or contact.cgi?type=advertising, etc.

Hope that helps :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] LinksSQL 2.2: form-based email from user: help requested In reply to
Andy, a belated thanks for the pointer.