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Link redirection

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Link redirection
Hello All,

I am using link manager, In the directory inbound links displayed are not static links,
for example Link manager show a link with the assigned Identity link this :
When we click on this link it will redirect to the original inbound link like:

Link partners do not accept such links, So want to make these link in a normal way, so it will show the original link of the link partner not after the redirection. I don't want redirection, I want a link of my link partner.

Is there any option to make these link static links?
Can Anybody Suggest any solution or development changes for this?

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Re: [expertentity] Link redirection In reply to
Just edit your links.html template to say <%URL%> instead of jump.cgi?ID=<%ID%>

- Jonathan
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Re: [jdgamble] Link redirection In reply to
Thank you,

I want to be more sure as my directory is live, It should not effect my link data.
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Re: [expertentity] Link redirection In reply to
but you're aware that without jump.cgi-links the hits in your directory are not counted ...?