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Link Status Interface

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Link Status Interface
I think the Links Status interface needs correcting or improving.

When you want to delete links by status using the status links like so:

admin.cgi?do=page&page=tools_view_status.html&status=400 (Bad Request links)

It takes you the "View Link Status" page (call it A). From there, you can select;

400 - Bad request
You can
Delete all entries with this status or Recheck all entries.

Page A allows you to select which links to delete but there's no check all option as I think the 'Delete" link was supposed to do that.

When you do select "Delete", it takes you to another screen "Links: Search Results" (call it B) where you can select links to delete again. From page 'B' you can 'Check All' but that only deletes links from that page only - not all links.

Page A should have a "Delete All" or "Check All" option or just delete all links with that status as the descriptive text suggests. It should probably get the user to confirm first.

Peter Puglisi
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Re: [rocco] Link Status Interface In reply to

I think thats how its meant to work <G>


Andy (mod)
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