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Link Expiration Plug in...

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Link Expiration Plug in...
Tried to get this plug in but the page for download is no longer accessible. Can someone help me with how I allow a user to select an expiration date for their link...30 days, 60 days, 90 days.

I see in the admin, that you can enter an expiration date, but not available on the user side. Basically need the user to select an expiration period when adding the link as well as re-set the expiration when they login to modify links.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Re: [yobo] Link Expiration Plug in... In reply to
Hi Yobo,

Andy has a cheap plugin named Expire_Links.
Related URL: Expire_Links

FYI, I also started development of an Advanced Link Expirator plugin (ALE), but due to lack of free time, it wasn't finished, yet.
Related URL: [PLUGIN] Advanced Link Expirator plugin (ALE) development news

Best regards,

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