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LinkSQL 3.2 nice to have FEATURES

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LinkSQL 3.2 nice to have FEATURES
New features needed:
1. After validating, suppose 2 links their is no way to build new detail pages or pages related/linked to these new additions. Only option I see is build changed, which takes long time & does not work either as server times out & I am left with build stagger mode. I hope their was quick way to just build those new pages for new links without going through all this.

2. Option to allow to add some users as trusted, so that their link are auto-validated. Rest all require approval.

3. Anytime a link is found problem eg: 404 or 500 by Verify Links, it should email the owner informing to correct it. It should be automatically done so If your verify runs in cron job & after checking it should make a list of new problem links & email their owners as next step.

4. when verifying links, their should be indirect link instead of direct link next to "Validate (View |...."
"View" should contain something like

if you click on direct link from your admin page which is...


this info gets passed on as refer link to the new site & gets logged into their web logs... exposing your hidden private folder to outsider. I know the folder is protected (.htaccess), still I was hacked few times till I changed admin path.

So linksql should create temp cgi page when clicking on the link & either let you click on the temp page with direct link or just redirects from their w/o exposing your admin path.