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Large amount of links to enter

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Large amount of links to enter
Good afternoon all,
I have a large amount of links to enter, i've maniuplated the database to suit what i need, but am now at the stage where i need to replace the dummy data with the real data. But am in need of a way of entering all this data into the correct category (town) thats hopefully not by hand.

The data contains all the geo data needed to insert, country / town etc to refference it against the correct category, so what i need is some way of importing that csv (have xml also) into sql and doing some kind of match so this new data gets correctly entered into the right directory (matching: country / town etc). I can't quite work out how the designation of "link a == this category == go into here" in a simple way.

So far i have the entire UK of preset directories done by hand, but would be nice if i could have a way of doing the worldwide a bit easier, any suggestions on this side?

Sorry its a bit vague, but any help / advise would be appreciated.

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Re: [ryanv2] Large amount of links to enter In reply to
If you run admin/nph-import.cgi from shell, there are more import options available than from the admin. One of these options is to import from an RDF file, although it might not work for you since it seems you need to do the match to find what category the link needs to go into. You may need to do this before importing.

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Re: [brewt] Large amount of links to enter In reply to
Thanks for your reply :)

I've done up the database, so in category / links table, there are 3 columns identical to both to make the match, geo_1 / geo_2 / geo_3.

I've managed to do a csv dump with editing the csv into the links table, but the only problem remaining is making the match above.

Any ideas how i can make this match?