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LSQL error message - need help

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LSQL error message - need help
Hello, when I try to modify the links table using the interface built into the lsql backend I get this error:

A fatal error has occured:
GT::SQL::Editor (27470): Cannot create index on 'Description' as it is a text/blob field. at GT::SQL::Table::check_schema line 1539.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.Stack Trace======================================Links (27470): Links::environment called at /home/linkme/cgi-bin/admin/Links.pm line 431 with no arguments.Links (27470): Links::fatal called at GT::Base::error line 362 with arguments (GT::SQL::Editor (27470): Cannot create index on 'Description' as it is a text/blob field. at GT::SQL::Table::check_schema line 1539. ).Links (27470): GT::Base::error called at GT::SQL::Table::check_schema line 1539 with arguments (Links::Link=HASH(0x8384418), INDXQTEXT, FATAL, Description).Links (27470): GT::SQL::Table::check_schema called at GT::SQL::Editor::alter_col line 247 with arguments (Links::Link=HASH(0x8384418)).Links (27470): GT::SQL::Editor::alter_col called at GT::SQL::Admin::editor_modify_columns line 1528 with arguments (GT::SQL::Editor=HASH(0x83f982c), AVS_Tag, HASH(0x83e8114)).Links (27470): GT::SQL::Admin::editor_modify_columns called at /home/linkme/cgi-bin/admin/GT/SQL/Admin.pm line 121 with arguments (Links::Admin=HASH(0x83908e8)).Links (27470): GT::SQL::Admin::process called at /home/linkme/cgi-bin/admin/admin.cgi line 78 with arguments (Links::Admin=HASH(0x83908e8), db, Links::DB::Fake=HASH(0x82723f0), cgi, GT::CGI=HASH(0x8272504)).Links (27470): main::db_request called at /home/linkme/cgi-bin/admin/admin.cgi line 56 with no arguments.Links (27470): main::main called at /home/linkme/cgi-bin/admin/admin.cgi line 24 with no arguments.Anyone have any thoughts on what is wrong?
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Re: [Demolitioncrew] LSQL error message - need help In reply to
I have run across this before when trying to index TEXT fields. I'm not 100% positive about this, but TEXT fields aren't indexable. CHAR, ENUM, and most others are. Most likely has to do with the fact that there is no size limitation to a TEXT field, and thus can't be indexed. If you can change your field to CHAR with the max size of 250 character, I bet it could be indexed.

If you don't want the field indexed, than just make sure that Properties->YOUR TABLE->Description->Column Index is set to none. That should get rid of the error.

Perhaps GT has a better explanation.