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LSQL = the first static site builder?

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LSQL = the first static site builder?
Some month ago i had to relaunch a site.

The old site has used lsql as a static site builder with some changes to the source code to add more normal pages (instead of asking/using the plugin from Andy).

Because i had not so much time i have used wordpress and have build my first clients page with that system.
I could finish it after less days.

Today i have decided that i really dont want to use and see this wordpress anymore.
So i have started to look around for the typical jekyll and co. At the moment i tryout Hugo.

While i read the docs from Hugo i see so many things i know ... yes, from my good old lsql.

Could you imagine what the lsql could have been in the year 2000 with some changes for pages plus css?
(I have used the lsql like that since 2005)

Maybe nobody would know that wordpress today with another version of the lsql so many years ago.

While i have no idea how to add dynamic content from a second server to my hugo site (probably i will write a cron job with php that will substitute a comment with the needed data daily), i still think about my lsql plus Andy's plugin plus a solution for the minify of my css from bulma or foundation, because i could have a static site plus adding blog-entries (formerly known as links) online.

@Andy, maybe you want to send me a link to find your plugins again?
Maybe i am allowed to test one or two of them?

Since some time i have problems with using zurbs foundation, but maybe i can use it on my WSL instead of using windows. Just then the lsql could be the better Hugo for my needs.