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Just looking to modify logo.

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Just looking to modify logo.
I was just looking to change the logo.gif from Glinks to my own until I could later work on a customization.

I modified the log.gif in the driectory/static/luna/images/logo.gif, but does nothing.

How do I modify the logo.

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Re: [rowhouser] Just looking to modify logo. In reply to

Mmm. that should do it.

Try doing a hard refresh of the page, in case its your browser caching the page.

Press Ctrl + F5 (holding down Ctrl before F5)

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Just looking to modify logo. In reply to
Great thank you
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Re: [Andy] Just looking to modify logo. In reply to
Hi everyone!

Can we get an update on this information? I'd like to change the stock/default logo from "Gossamer Links" (which has been like that for years) to my own website's name but I can't find the image file. The newest version (3.2.0 - nor the previous one) DOES NOT have an include_logo.html template (as suggested in 2002 forum postings) nor anything similar, nothing regarding the logo, in fact.

Also, when I go to the luna.css file I see the direction of the logo image as>> background-image: url(images/logonew.gif);

Unfortunately, I can't find this image anywhere in the directory. I look in the http://www.MYSITE.com/glinks/static/luna/images/ directory and I see a "logo.gif" (which appears to be THE logo) and even a "logo-small.gif" but no "logonew.gif" file. I've tried changing the luna.css background-image to the newly created logo destination, saved it, rebuilt everything, but the old Gossamers logo remains.

Any ideas?
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Re: [MadridMan] Just looking to modify logo. In reply to
If you leave all the html and css as is, you can just replace static/luna/images/logo.gif with your own logo and it should work (images don't get overwritten on upgrade). If you want to rename the file or change the height or width, then you also need to update luna.css. Just use the example, but remember you also need to uncomment the block of css.