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Interbase / raq

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Interbase / raq

I am considering a Raq4 128, that have bot Interbase6 and mysql installed. Will there be Links SQl for Interbase6 ? (and what is considered to be best of mysql and interbase).

Alex, does the new/old Links SQL work on Raq4 ? (I see that mod_perl often are installed on this raq).



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I can only comment on what I know of the Raq4,
We had one, we dumped it, it wasn't nearly powerfull enough to handle being the mysql server and the webserver and the email server.
The company tht we signedup with, told us that they would offer us use of their mysql server for 50.00 signup and 10.00 per database, and they highly suggested that we go that route. I suppose if your databases are small enough and you don't get tons of traffic using the databases then you could use a raq4 as all three of the aboves, but if you get some serious traffic, or are virtually hosting other sites that get traffic and have large databases, then it's best to use something else. By the way, I believe that the Raq4 can only be maxed out to memory of 256mb, there was a post here a while back that said somethign to the effect that optimally your server should have 1mb per 1000 entrys in a mysql database.


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Re: Interbase / raq In reply to
Yes, Interbase will be supported. I'm still a big fan of MySQL though, and if you use interbase you won't be able to use tools like MySQLMan or phpMyadmin.



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