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Installing Links error

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Installing Links error

It's been a while since I used Links but I've found a use and dusted off the files and tried to install on my server. It installs OK but when going to create the tables I get the following error - any suggestions as to what may be awry:

Creatings Links table ... failed (Failed to execute query: ' CREATE TABLE links_Links ( ID INT unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, Title CHAR(100) NOT NULL, URL CHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'http://', LinkOwner CHAR(50) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'admin', Add_Date DATE NOT NULL, Mod_Date DATE NOT NULL, Description TEXT, Contact_Name CHAR(255), Contact_Email CHAR(255), Hits INT DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, isNew ENUM('No','Yes') DEFAULT 'No' NOT NULL, isChanged ENUM('No','Yes') DEFAULT 'No' NOT NULL, isPopular ENUM('No','Yes') DEFAULT 'No' NOT NULL, isValidated ENUM('No','Yes') DEFAULT 'Yes' NOT NULL, Rating FLOAT(12,2) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, Votes SMALLINT unsigned DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, Status SMALLINT DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL, Date_Checked DATETIME DEFAULT '', Timestmp TIMESTAMP, INDEX stndx (Status), INDEX valndx (isValidated), INDEX userndx (LinkOwner), INDEX popndx (isPopular), INDEX newndx (isNew), INDEX urlndx (URL), PRIMARY KEY (ID) ) ' Reason: Invalid default value for 'Date_Checked')
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Re: [valiant] Installing Links error In reply to

What version of mySQL are you on? I know I had real trouble with some of the "defaults" and some UPDATE queries on my recent server configs. Is this a dedicated server?


Andy (mod)
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