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Install Problems.

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Install Problems.
I am having trouble with the Links SQL 2 installation form. I wanted GT to install the script so I would avoid any problems with permissions, spelling and punctuation errors.

I set up a second account with my host. I did this so that the installation of Links SQL, the creation of the new Links SQL based site and any related changes would not disrupt the operation of the existing site.

The "new" site has a unique IP (different from the "old" site IP), and I have used ftp to set up the pages and cgi-bin/links2 directories. I have set the permissions on the /pages folder to 777.

The problem appears to be that the DNS point to the "old" site and when the Links SQL install program checks paths, it is finding the "old" site.

I have also tried using the "new" site IP numbers in the page URL box, but I still the the path error message.

Anyway, I get an error message about the /pages path when I try to fill out the online installation form.

Is there a way around this?

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