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Import from 2.0 / User

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Import from 2.0 / User
I made an import from 2.0 and it worked fine,
but there is something curios about the user.

In the old database was just contact_name and contact_email, user did not have passwords.

After importing data, some use had passwords,
something like that: "-E'c=9v}y`-(3wICfX_nO"W)
some user (50%) did not have a password.

Did the script set this passwords while importing?


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Re: Import from 2.0 / User In reply to
The best thing to do is IMPORT the users WITHOUT passwords...then run the following SQL statement via the SQL Monitor feature:


UPDATE Users SET Password = 'generic' WHERE Password = null


Eliot Lee
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Re: Import from 2.0 / User In reply to
If none of your users had real passwords, you can just do:

UPDATE Users SET Password = ''

Which will set all the passwords to the empty string.

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