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Import data, newbie needs help, please...?

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Import data, newbie needs help, please...?
I am trying to figure out the format to import data via the <Links: Links Table Editor> There is a text area to enter import data. But I always end up with "Unable to find Category ID column in header!"

I am hopelessly confused on the format I enter into this field.

Is it something like:

70|6|felines|http://www.instockphotos.com/etc/etc/etc|Lion jumping|Roger|

This is the exact text I am entering into the textarea box to import data. (For the full data fields see http://www.instockphotos.com/example.txt

Or am I missing something drastic. How should the field defining bits relate to the actual imported data?

Please help... I am feeling rather demoralized by my failure to figure this out... Unsure