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Import Database when Changing Servers

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Import Database when Changing Servers
I am consider changing servers in the not too distant future and was wondering the best way to go about it.

I have a lot of custom fields (that imported well following the upgrade from 1.13) so do not really want to manually input those again.

I can safely do a MySQLDump however where I am a bit confused is what process I should follow after that to install LinksSQL on my new server. I was thinking I could do it this way:-

1. Clean install
2. Delete all tables (I believe I need to do this because the following command will not import if there are tables the same in the database - unless I am missing some command line options!).
3. Do a mysql < import.txt command
4. Re-Sync the def files.

Would this work .... or is there an easier way using MySQLMan?

If I can use MySQLMan to do this then I would really appreciate the command sequence I need to enter. I believe I would need to use the SQL Monitor to achieve a straight import/overwrite.

Any suggestions (even if this method is the best to achieve the desired results) would be welcomed.



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Re: Import Database when Changing Servers In reply to
I have also changed (from a shared to dedicated) server.
what I do is, install from install.cgi which I upload from local HD, and import a MySQL dump from MySQLman.
this could be done within half an hour.

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Re: Import Database when Changing Servers In reply to

You don't need to delete the tables if you add --add-drop-table to your mysqldump or select the appropriate checkbox from MySQLMan.

Otherwise, you've pretty much got it.



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