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Image Gallery/Picture Post 5 (switched forum)

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Image Gallery/Picture Post 5 (switched forum)

I have a new interface page up at http://postcards.com/...est/test_upload.html which allows you to pick some options to set on the thumbnail.

On one of my machines the form is "sticky" and I have to "reload" the results to see what it did. On the other machine (running -- it claims -- ) the same versions of windows and MSIE it works fine, first time, every time.


For those who might be interested, I got a bit of help from Alex on the plug-in stuff, and I might even be able to make the first version a plug-in, or at least partially self-installable. The first version of all this seems to be working out into an image upload, thumbnail creator with display options and the postcards program (which can stand alone with a generic Links SQL).


I've figured I'd move this to the Custom Mods area, since it's sort of drifted out of NG support and interest.

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