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Hi, All.

Is it possible to tie a certain image with a certain link in LinksSQL? To say simply - is it possible to store with links also pictures? May be it is possible to add field BLOB Image in table Links ?

What do you think? In general, i'd like to have product like LinksSQL but it would be ImageSLQ Wink - i mean i need a tool like LiksSQL for management DB of images...

Thank you!
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Have you tried the image upload option?
Buh Bye!

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It sounds like you aren't using Links SQL yet? It is very versatile... You can customize and add the types of fields you need. You are not stuck with just a title, link, and description for each record. You can create an image field that allows you to upload an image from within the admin panel, so it is really easy! The customization options are almost endless.
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Re: [AtoZ] ImageSQL In reply to

I'm using LinksSQL already, but what i really need - is not DB of links, but database of Images.
It should be tool, which allow people to upload images on my site (not to add links, but to upload images) in certain categories.

I wish i can manage categories of images, approve/refuse images and so on, like i can do with links in LinksSQL, but i'm certainly do not need any liks in this tool. No links.

So, maybe you know some tools which allow do this?

Thank you,
Anton Permyakov
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Links SQL can do this for you. Simply add Image columns to your Links table, and you can effectively create an image database. People can upload images, you can approve/reject images (simply make the URL column not required).


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Hi Alex,

Ok, i'll try it, thank you.