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I used to be able to...

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I used to be able to...
Hi Alex:

I know I am probably asking a silly question, but I just do not know how to do this in the new MySQLMan part... This problem is probably unique to me, so I understand if no provisions of this sort are available. Since my data changes, or can be updated (a lot, sometimes!) I liked having a whole batch of data dumped at once, on one screen. I cannot see how to do this in MySQLMan.

For instanse, lets image I want toi change Chuck Jones' name changed to Charles M. Jones. In the Links 1.13, I could go to the SQL Monitor, and command "select * from Links where director = 'Chuck Jones'" and get a screen dump of ONLY those records. (I can do this in MySQLMan, but it is spread over pages, AND in a table... the old way, I could cut and paste from the screen to a text editor), then I could simply dele those records and replace them, which I do know how to do in MySQLMan.

I have found screen dump, but you cannot put conditions on it. And export, same way. In the MySQLMan SQL Monitor, it will put on screen, but in a table, and spread over pages...

Like I said, this is probably something specific to my uses.. so I understand if it is not something we can do. But if I still can, please let me know!