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I got hacked!

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I got hacked!
I went to my homepage today and got hacked!

It had a link to this page: http://perso.menara.ma/rastapop14/boapics/

Apparently they got in from log.php:


Except it wasn't that file, it was a 159k virus, that when downloaded to my computer was caught immediately as a trojan.backdoor virus by Norton. All I can think to do is rewrite the file in perl (hoping that it is more secure).

Anyone have any ideas?

- Jonathan

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jdgamble: Sep 4, 2006, 4:34 PM
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Re: [jdgamble] I got hacked! In reply to
Is log.php your file or a G Links file ?

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Re: [KevM] I got hacked! In reply to
It was my file from the post linked above. It was about 3k, but it was replaced by a new file, 152k, that is a virus. I think I had a few loose ends to tie up that hopefully will fix the problem in the future.

If anyone knows anything else, let me know!

- Jonathan