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I cannot delete one of my categories

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I cannot delete one of my categories
I am playing with data. I created a cateory with 10,000 links in it and cannot delete it. I did a rebuild and repaired the table. Then I got to admin panel - browse - click on the category and click on delete. It takes a long time to delete and still it is there. No error messages or anything. MY questions are:

1. Is there another way to delete a category?
2. Why can't I delete this category?
3. Is it because the category too big and there is time out value so that the job cannot be finished before it's done

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banana: Apr 7, 2004, 10:31 AM
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Re: [banana] I cannot delete one of my categories In reply to
most likely it's a time out.

There are ways to delete a category, but the best way is first to delete the links.

This is your test site, so if all the links in the category start with an ID number, and are greater than that number, you can go to the SQL monitor:

DELETE FROM prefix_Links where ID > 'nn'

Update/repair your tables. IF the CatLink

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