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I can delete these Links properties?

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I can delete these Links properties?
I created many 'Column names' for Links > Properties, few years back when I was using Mint templates. As I moved to Luna templates, I don't have patience to add all those tags to the templates and add different include_form.html. So I can delete these unwanted column names safely?

Please anybody advice. I don't want to do any thing drastic and later worry about it.

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Re: [hegu] I can delete these Links properties? In reply to
Sure, you can do - or if you want some code to put in, then you could try the attached plugins. Simply select the fields you want to generate the HTML for, and it will do it for you :) (wrote it a while back, as it saved me tons of time ;))

Then - its just a case of adding in codes to link.html/detailed.html etc.

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] I can delete these Links properties? In reply to
These extra plugins and feature I add making me scared to upgrade linkssql. That is why I decided not to go with any extra features that actually make it difficult for me to upgrade the script.

But thanks for the plugin though.
I think I will delete them.