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I've created a big problem

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I've created a big problem
I was trying to update by include_form so that I could add a new category. Everything seemed to be going well, but then I ran into a problem.

Currently when I go to the form to add a link, it acts like it submits successfully, but the site never shows up on the admin side so I can validate it. I have restored the include_form back to its original and the problem persists. A couple of things that I noticed that might help narrow down what is wrong: Usually if you submit information and then you try to submit the same thing again...you get an error saying that the site already exists or is waiting to be validated. That doesn't happen anymore either...I just keep seeing the add success page. If I leave fields blank then I get the proper error pages. Its like everything is working expect that its not writing to whatever it should be writing to. If anyone can please help me I would really appreciate it. My directory is pretty much broken and I just put up a bunch of paid advertising to get submissions...people probably think I'm getting their information, but it is disappearing somewhere.
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Re: [Demolitioncrew] I've created a big problem In reply to
best thing to do would be to reinstall links.

backup your templates, and any files you may have changed, then reinstall.

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