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How to improve search engine?

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How to improve search engine?
Problem is in the search_bool for default settings.

What I want to do is when somebody input "amazing videos" search engine first display links that have both words in description and then links that have at least one word.

Basically I would like that default behaviour of search engine (search.cgi) is first searching with "and" operator and then with "or".

Have anyone done this yet?
Can it be done at all?


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Re: [deadroot] How to improve search engine? In reply to

You could try a meta referesh in search_results.html if there are no results. Something like:

<%if link_hits == 0 and bool eq 'AND'%>
.. redirect to search.cgi?query=<%query%>;bool=OR


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Re: [Alex] How to improve search engine? In reply to
Yes, I could probably do that but things got complicated when user puts three word as query (ex: "amazing skate videos").
Then search engine should first display links with all three words, then with two words and then with one word.
I believe that with this users could get better results.

Other thing is that users could be confused with the refreshing page and, also, if there is many queries per minute (or maybe per second) then this isn't quite best solution.

Can we expect improvement of search.cgi in next version maybe


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