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How do I delete all my data?

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How do I delete all my data?
Hi, by accident I created 3,000 categories in Links SQL. Those should be links, not categories. No harm is done as this is a test/experiment only. I need to delete those categories and import my data from fresh again. I don't want to delete 3000 categories one by one. Is there any way that I can delete data without causing my Links SQL to act with errors?

Please help
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Re: [banana] How do I delete all my data? In reply to
Setup > SQL Database > 2nd option down I think, and that should clean out your database to its original format.

Otherwise, you can type this into MySQLMonitor;

DELETE FROM lsql_Links;
DELETE FROM lsql_CatLinks;
DELETE FROM lsql_Category;


Andy (mod)
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Thanks. It works In reply to