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How about the same directories?

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How about the same directories?
Hello Alex!

How about having the same directories for GMail and Links SQL? Then one could use many scripts, moduoles, templates, admin.cgi altogather.

BTW I hate the check spelling button. It makes me mad more than your cookies programming.....

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Re: How about the same directories? In reply to
Gossamer Mail and Links SQL are different products with different template needs, and different needs for the administrator page - how do you suggest we use the same template files and same CGI script (admin.cgi)? If you have some suggestion as to how we can do that, and why it would be any advantage, I'm interested to hear it for an upcoming project that I am working on.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: How about the same directories? In reply to
Hello there!

Nice to see your positive reaction!

In Gossamer Mail there are different templates like Default, Simple and Wap. Ofcourse for different functions, clear.

1. Function / Choices of templates.
However one can chose the templates from the admin in Gossamer Mail as to which user gets which templates. This tells about the possibility of choices! Right? Is this there in Links SQL? How about this same idea of offering choices of different templates to categories? Alex has done this work, I mean sub_routines. They are there!

2. Simplify directories.
So if I have linksadmin.cgi & mailadmin.cgi in the same directories they would serve the purpose.

Now I am against the currect situation of the products in terms of time. Looking at the massive development efforts Alex is putting in Links SQL v2.0, and after seeing it, I would not want to buy the version 1.0! Would anyone? This is ofcourse time. Thats what I think about GMail v1.1.5. What I think is that both the product needs to be synchronised in terms of libraries, modules, functions, sub_routines, etc.

From Links SQL I am able to email some or all Link owners and this program is specialised for Links and not emailing. HOWEVER, I am not able to send emails AT ALL to Users of Gossamer Mail, which is supposedly a proffessional email program. Those email modules, etc are all there. DBSQL.pm and other modulesare so smart that I question, why are they not used for other programs by GT? Every program has Shared directory when they have more products. Why? Shared modules! By using the shared modules, one can add better features faster and more features, which is what Gossamer Mail BADLY needs. There are many features in Links SQL that GMail badly needs, badly. I am so disappointed in realising that they are not YET NOT YET integrated in GMail. By having a shared library of modules one could do so, rather easily.
If I am in Admin, I have to login once. From there I could surf into different products i.e. GMail by selecting it or Links SQL admin.. and so on.
One could also use the same templates which has things in common for both products, only if one wants i.e.
(I do not need it this way, but just an idea, if it makes sense)
For e.g. home.html could be the same or header and footer could be the same for both the products and there is then consistancy over the webpages. Here I think of non-framed pages of GMail. So how about having the same templates like head.html, foot.html, everywhere.

Lets say if there was like this then one needs to change only once the banner codes or the main Gestaltung and it will be reflected everywhere.

Directories: >>>Admin
modules>>> /driver >>> /html >>> /shared >>> /etc
templates >>>> /common/head.html &foot.html >>> /

(I hate the Check Spelling button)