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Hosting Solutions
Now that Links SQL 2.0 is here, we are finalizing the details of the hosting options we've mentioned in the past. For those needing to upgrade to dedicated hosting, we'll be able to offer options from mid range servers to high end clusters. Full management options are available. We are looking at hosting only Links SQL type sites (any version), so we can tailor support and features specifically to the needs of a links/SQL customer. (you can run other programs, but we are seeking links/sql based sites, rather than other types of sites.)

We'll be able to tune and tailor the servers and services to maximize program performance. Uptime, bandwidth, security and accessibility are all AA++.

As Links SQL, and the sites based on them, get more complex and complicated, the hosting options and support solutions need to be able to handle it.

Support contracts that will allow us to install upgrades and patches to Links SQL as they become avaialble are also available to hosted customers (and non-hosted ones, under separate contract).

I will have more details on the FAQ site after Christmas (I have the meeting to finalize the options next week).

Ball park: dedicated servers with support, management, and other options start at under $2,000/month. Cluster solutions start at $5,000/month. These are all Sun servers, backed by Sun certified technicians at a world-class data center (I posted a bit about that previously). Colocation services would be less, since it wouldn't include us providing the actual server.

I need to say again, I'm not competing on price, only on service, support and reliability. With this service, you can sleep at night, go away for 2 weeks, or tend to your other business without worrying about your server, hosting company or software.

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