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Home page Sub-categories

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Home page Sub-categories
Hello, I would like to add specific sub-categories under the main Categories on my home page, e.g.

clothes, food
gifts, pets, books

At the moment all I can get on my home page are the main categories such as SHOPPING. How do I go about linking to specific sub-categories such as clothes, food, etc?

I have the following code in my "home.html" template

<%set split = Links::Utils::column_split($category_loop.length, $home_category_cols)~%>
<div class="clear">
<%loop category_loop%>
<%~set splitmod = $row_num % $split%>
<%~if row_num == 1 or splitmod == 1 or split == 1%><dl><%endif%>
<%~include subcategory.html%>
<%~if row_num == $category_loop.length or splitmod == 0%></dl><%endif%>

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: [smjohn] Home page Sub-categories In reply to
Use the YahooSubcats plugin that can be downloaded from GT for free using your plugin download link.
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Re: [Alba] Home page Sub-categories In reply to
Thanks, that's exactly what I needed