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Hide Multiple Categories (or Multiple Sections of Main Cats)

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Hide Multiple Categories (or Multiple Sections of Main Cats)
Hi All

Is there a way to hide multiple categories from the main category table?

I want all cats built and searchable, but just not all displayed together in the main table cuz there will be several groups of cats for different purposes.

In fact, it would be really cool if you could have Main_Cats_1 in one section of the site and Main_Cats_2 in another section but start the lists by displaying the first layer of subcats in each.

For example, in one section we want to show products, and in another section we want to develop military links and related stuff.

Visitors would be able to add links to the military section but obviously not to the products section.

Thanks for the hide-from-add-select-list, Andy:


The following thread shows how to hide a single cat from the main cat table, but not multiple:


Many thanks Smile


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