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Hidden Categories & Ratings

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Hidden Categories & Ratings
I am running Links SQL 2.1.2 and have a few questions.

The first question regards a hidden category. I would like to have a links category which I can add links to as well as link to directly (mysite.com/Links/hidden_category) but that WOULD NOT show up on the built main page or as a sub category. Is this possible?

My second question involves link ratings. Is it possible to allow ratings without being logged in? how do I do that?


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Re: [Manu Narayan] Hidden Categories & Ratings In reply to
First question, the simple answer is no. At least not out of the box. It would be possible to hack Links SQL to accomidate this, but its not a built in function.

Re second one: Try going to Setup > User Options

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Manu Narayan] Hidden Categories & Ratings In reply to
This is one of the most often asked for features -- since waaaay back.

If you check recent messages there have been some discussions on it.

I miss this sort of feature, since I started out on BBS systems like Wildcat and TheMajor.

If you want to edit the code, and risk compatibility on upgrades, you can create hidden categories and hide their links. It's not easy, but can be done.

It would be much better if GT would allow a "Hidden" flag on a category, that propagated like the templates down below.

The *problem* is the overhead necessary to cross-check the links that might be in a "hidden" category. Because links contain no category data, it's hard to manage them in this respect.

One solution is to add a "Hidden" field to a link. Then searches need to simply add "and NOT Hidden" to all searches and fetches, unless admin status or such.

The code that sets a category "Hidden" manages the link status. (Yes, any link in multiple areas that has one hidden category would hide -- but is the expected behaviour if you "hide" a link, all versions should hide as well -- security.)

This is a change to the core logic, but I would not be surprised to see it coming in a future release. Like a snake shedding skin, or a butterfly emerging from it's chrysallis, Links SQL evolves significantly internally each release.

The concept of hidden categories requires more changes to the search/find features than to any other. By modifying the actual selects, at the database level, this can be easily managed. Hopefully, the ability to modify the selects will be in a future release. This can alter core behaviour without further code changes, based on passed flags or modifiers.

I'm still hoping for a good solution :) My hacks are just that, hacks for convenience, but are not stable across even my own sites.

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