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Help with small script that copys link catergories

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Help with small script that copys link catergories

Ok first i will explain what my script does, i run a site that uses links sql and i am trying to copy entries from one catergory to another as i have over 2500 records and 73 cats its hard to do it by hand so i created a small script that will take the links records and copy them into the right catergories however until now it worked and now it will not so i was hoping someone could take a look and tell me what is wrong.

I have included a zip file with the files which include 4 files 2 is sql files and the other 2 are files that run the import or split project.


Please tell me what you think and how i can fix it please as at the moment when i run it it displays an output file saying:
Processing categories...
Processing links...

but it does not supply the output sql file to upload.

Please help.


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Re: [mekro] Help with small script that copys link catergories In reply to

If you are running under NT, the .cmd file may be the problem:

C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe categorize.pl lsql_Links.csv lsql_Category.csv categorize.sql >ouput.txt

leave off the

And see if it works. Your .pl script is writing out the file, and your output should end up in categorize.sql

BTW: does it print "Finished" ??? if not, there might be another error, but I can't run perl scripts on this machine.

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