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Help with Links on Oracle

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Help with Links on Oracle

We are running (trying) Links on Oracle 8i and get the following problem:
When browsing categories from Category Browser, we get the error:
“Can't call method "fetchrow_hashref" on an undefined value at /admin/Links/Browser.pm line 1425. “
The cause of it is the fact that Oracle cannot execute SQL operators like SELECT .. FROM ... WHERE .. IN () when brackets is empty:

GT::SQL::error = Failed to prepare query: 'SELECT * FROM wdLinks WHERE ( ID IN () ) ' Reason: ORA-00936: missing expression (DBD ERROR: OCIStmtExecute/Describe

Any ideas how to avoid this?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Help with Links on Oracle In reply to

I've emailed you a new Browser.pm for you to try out. Also, be sure to read:


Which you'll need to do as well.



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