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Help me please

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Help me please
I have imported my data from Links 2.0
I have a field "myadgraph". If a link has a graphic it is displayed when it is empty then it will not.
So i have the following command at link.html
<%if myadgraph%>
<a href="<%db_cgi_url%>/jump.cgi?ID=<%ID%>"target="_blank">
<img src="<%myadgraph%>" width="<%width%>" height="<%height%>" alt="<%Title%>" border="0" align="left"> </a>

I have import my data to LinksSQL. Allthing works. But how can I set my myadgraph to be empty (null) when a user submit any link??Only the admin is allowed to set a graphic to a link not a user.
Please help.

Thanks all


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Re: Help me please In reply to
i think that will work
Go to setup/build option
and at add_system_fields
add your field myadgraph=No

and that should do it